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Our Expertise


Timber frame construction has been in use for centuries – a type of construction using heavy timbers and a unique wood joinery technique. The heavy timbers can be logs or milled depending on your building preference. This revived construction technique will add strength and durability to your project along with visual appeal. Veterans Enterprises Corp. has partnered with John R. MacDonald, a Master Timber Framer, of Algonquin Timber Frames to be able to provide you with the best timber frames for your next project.

Algonquin Timber Frames History

Our Mentor Master timber framer John R. MacDonald puts a lot of love into everything he does -- a love of trees, a love of wood and a love of nature. As the son of a Prince Edward Islander whose family roots were in fishing and farming, John inherited a need to work with the land.

John learned the ancient art of timber frame house building in the late 1970s while working in Ontario for some prominent industry leaders at the time. Jamie Cooke, past director of the Canadian Housing Manufacturing Association, and Ted Benson, Steve Chapell, Ruddy Christian, and Jack Sobon who went on to found the Timber Framers Guild of North America, were among his mentors and they taught him well. These people crossed his path at a time when John was eager to learn. After timber framing in the Rockies of Alberta, John returned and settled near Deep River in the Ottawa Valley where he has remained ever since.


John has been passing his great wealth of knowledge on to us here at Veterans Enterprises and allowing us to continue this fantastic traditional form of building for the years to come.