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We operate VEC with the best systems and elements of military training and work. We consult with subject matter experts for the best in business infrastructure and for the highest craftsmanship. We are passionate for our trades AND are passionate about helping other veterans find fulfilling work after leaving the military.

Veterans Enterprises Corp traces its roots back to the owner’s time served in the Canadian military. After being introduced back in the civilian world the owners of VEC soon learnt the difficulties a veteran faces merging back into society. With the military and business/contracting skills the owners possessed they decided to found VEC to provide quality services for clients and build a positive culture for veteran employees. We are not only building opportunity but we are also building community. 


People at VEC are motivated and focused on two goals:

  1. Match a Veteran's combination of skills, attributes and training with trades in building and renovation.

  2. Deliver the highest level of customer confidence and satisfaction.




We believe in that personal touch and we want you to be comfortable and to have the utmost trust in us to complete your project to your specifications. So learn more about us below.


Born January 24th, 1982 in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. James served his career with the Royal Canadian Regiment 3rd Battalion, in Petawawa Ontario. He was injured in Afghanistan in 2008 and which left him looking for a new passion. Growing up with a skilled tradesman for a father, James had the carpentry skills he needed to help other Veterans learn to build. He now resides in Beachburg, Ontario with his 3 young children. After retiring from the military in 2016, he has volunteered & dedicated his life to helping Veterans and their families transition from military life. 


James Mailman


Born October 27th,1973 in Ottawa, Ontario. He is the son of a very talented mason and entrepreneur who owned Chiabai Masonry. Mike learned his craftsmanship from his Father, Attilio. Mike then went on to become an accomplished soldier, licenced mechanic and a red seal mason. He served his country overseas and retired from the military in 2010. He now resides in Smiths Falls, Ontario with his 3 children. Mike wants to see changes happen for released military members and has volunteered his time to make this happen.


Michael Chiabai


Born October 21st, 1986 in Perth, Ontario. Laura grew up in Orillia, Ontario. Her father is a retired K-9 officer with the Ontario Provincial Police.  Laura graduated from the Ottawa campus of Algonquin College in 2006 and moved to the Ottawa Valley in 2010. She now resides in Westmeath, Ontario with her husband and 4 children.  


Laura Pelkey